How opening up to new experiences can enrich your life

Joining groups on the Sapphire Coast can be a positive process

It has been one year since we moved and I am happier than ever! A relaxed lifestyle, reduced stress levels has contributed to creativity.

My pastimes have new pastures to explore. The endless vistas to photograph, new geography to navigate and groups to join helped me along the way. Finding a supportive photography community, @sapphiresnappers, was essential. I have attended worthwhile workshops with the Writers of the Far South Coast – Being of service to the community is also important to me and I have met some wonderful people in Rotary.  It is important to belong and these groups helped me to adjust to my new environment.

What do I like most about the move? The peace. Waking to the sound of the ocean is relaxing. Listening to the early birdcalls without any traffic noise is blissful. Not being able to hear your neighbours is soothing to the citified nerves. Watching for Eddie the eagle, who regularly flies by to check out our cat, waiting for Eric the echnida to rid our yard of those pesky ants and observing the habits of the kangaroos that rustle through the bush in the afternoon brings us closer to nature.

Let’s face it – moving can be disastrous but by opening myself up to people, places and photography I have a more satisfying way to live.

Why not consider the groups you can join to learn something new – it may change your life.

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