Pleasant ways to experience the New Year

How channelling your inner goodness can lead to a balanced life


2018 was a year I found balance and then lost it. It’s easy to do. You get caught up in work, family, projects and before you know it – the gains you have made are sliding away.

So how do you keep hold of that positive space where everything is simple, relaxed and enjoyable?

The answer is to do something you love. And experience nature.

Nature is grounding. Nature is also soothing. Notice how people frequent beautiful places – the beach, the bush, lovely walks. These places give back to us in spades.

Living on the Sapphire Coast means there’s many stunning places to ground yourself. My favourite lately has been Panboola,, which is a gorgeous wetlands conservation project with bicycle paths, picnic areas and bird watching hides. Strolling around the many paths quietens the mind so that you can simply appreciate the surroundings.

Panboola has a magical effect on me. I found it easy to become so engrossed in the beauty before me that I did not see a huge kangaroo jump the fence behind me until he grunted, indicating I should leave. Not arguing, I backed away, out the gate only to be surrounded by his friends. Missing the peak of a stunning sunset, I determinedly marched through the group and hastily returned to my car. But not snapping the gorgeous photo on this page.

The lesson learned – find something you love = balance.

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