Sick of being dropped in on? Check out the top surf spots on the Sapphire Coast

Surfing safari on the Sapphire Coast

Things are on the move in our capital municipalities and coastal cities. Change can be exciting but it brings with it more people wanting to do the same thing as you. Now there are larger numbers of people competing for the same wave and unless you have a long lunch break, there are few times  you can tackle a wave alone.

The Sapphire Coast has many beautiful, quiet places where you can spend the day in the surf without constantly looking over your shoulder at the competition.

Mimosa Rocks National Parks will have you thanking your lucky stars you found it. Dirt tracks will lead you through the whispering trees to lagoons, beaches and bush. Needing a break from the surf? You can always go fishing or birdwatching.

The facilities are also good at Ben Boyd National Park.  You can camp, try a different beach every day and observe the wildlife. Kangaroos and eagles can be seen at Haycocks Point, but remember, they are wild animals so don’t attempt to get close.

My favourite place is Blithy inlet. Secluded and serene, its pure atmosphere refreshes every cell. At sunrise, watch the tide return over pristine sand ripples. Spend the morning swimming and relaxing on the pristine beach. In the afternoon, walk in the bush and realise that the simple things is what life is about.

Perfection is finishing off with a snooze on the sand to the sound of the whispering waves.

Aaahhhh the serenity.

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